SciGen is a high growth biopharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and markets recombinant human health care biotechnology derived products. SciGen’s focus is in the areas of endocrinology, gastroenterology and immunology. The company’s portfolio consists of biosimilar products such as rhuman growth hormone, rhuman insulin and rhuman GCSF. All of SciGen’s products have undergone substantial clinical development.

SciGen’s strategy is to focus on biosimilars (follow-on proteins) in order to minimize the risk of early stage product development. SciGen also collaborates with strategic partners and institutions in order to continuously fill & improve its pipeline.

SciGen also in-licenses and distributes pharmaceutical products and medical devices.


Biosimilar Pharmaceuticals

Biosimilars or follow-on proteins are the terms given to biologicals that are similar to existing products presently in the market.

When patent on the original product has expired, it gives biotechnology companies the opportunity to market a similar product to that of the innovator.

The biosimilar drug market is growing faster than the proprietary pharmaceutical market.

The market for SciGen’s portfolio of products is increasing as the global trend of governments and other healthcare organizations are looking to use lower-priced generic and/or biosimilar pharmaceuticals to provide high quality healthcare.

Sales & Marketing

SciGen has funded and licensed several biotechnology derived products for manufacturing and distribution worldwide. SciGen currently maintains its own sales and marketing network in all of its subsidiary companies. SciGen also uses distribution partners in other markets.

SciGen’s initial focus is in the Asia Pacific region, which offers low barriers to entry and provides opportunities for early revenues and further penetration into the markets it serves.